You can buy already a home in Italy for just $1

by Harry Shelton
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Finding it difficult to believe, right? But yes, you can buy a home at only $1 in Italy. Now the question arises is, how?

It is said for a long time that most good things get expensive, but recently in 2019, one such dream got real cheap. All thanks to the rise of the $1 home in Italy.

According to the sources, this happened a few months back that the village of Sambuca in Southern Italy was selling off dilapidated, abandoned homes for just over a dollar. They tried to reverse a trend of rural depopulation.

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Now, this is not a story to be hidden and quickly went viral; it became huge in a day and was successful in getting global interest. Soon, some of the places around were besieged, mayors got thousands of requests, websites crashed, and soon these peaceful villages were invaded.

But what happened after this? Has it all died down? Did the bargain homes got snapped up? No, not yet. It is still possible to get a hand on these homes. We’ve rounded a few destinations that are offering great deals for anyone willing to refurbish a crumbling Italian home. But before you proceed, it is advised that you check the towns’ official website and download the application form for listings of properties available.

Here are a few destinations that you might choose.


Gangi has been a part of the most beautiful village club in Italy. This place in Sicily is located near Palermo. It was one of the first snail-shaped towns to sell $1 houses back in 2011 and has been successful. These beautifully curated old houses are known as “Pagliarole.” These homes have two entrances, one facing the downhill and the other hilltop.


The wild mountain region on Barbagia, which is at the Meditteranean island of Sardinia there rises a land with a pristine patch of land where the tradition of ancient farming lives on. The houses there are made up of white walls that are covered in bright graffiti and gray granite rocks. You can breathe fresh air with no smog and scenic views.


Bivona is one of the lastest Sicilian towns to join the group. This beautiful place is in the heart of Sicani Hills park. Lushed peach trees, orange groves beautifully curate it, and Arab style courtyards are luring the new residents towards it.


Located in wild Sicily, Cammarata has possibly the best deal available. It is known as “the town with 10,000 balconies to the East.” The town is also known for its citizen’s longevity, which is something credited to its light climate and the fresh air of the Monte Cammarata natural reserve.


Set atop a sandstone hill, Zungoli boasts a stellar location, near the Amalfi Coast and Naples. It has recently got a full makeover with public LED lights, new shiny pavements, and excellent Wi-Fi. So far, thirty houses have been sold, and a new lot is going to launch soon.


Sambuca is the supreme winner of Italy’s $1 home rally. This place in Sicily made headlines globally. Due to sky-high demand for this place, local authorities decided to auction all 16 homes. The highest bid went up to $25,000.


Nulvi is a Sadinian shepherd town. This place has the luxury of being close to baby-powder beaches of Asinara and Stintino island. The town features bright wall paintings and primitive stones that depict rural and mystical scenes.

There are a few more places like Borgomezzavalle, Cantiano, Fabbriche di Vergemoli and Mussomeli, which you can choose to be the destination of your dream home.


It is essential that you take a full study of the place wherever you are thinking of purchasing your dream home. You must read all the rules and guidelines so that you won’t face any problems in the future.

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