Why You Should Negotiate Your Starting Salary

by Harry Shelton
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Everyone should negotiate their salary. Whether it is their first job or tenth. Negotiating for a higher salary is a no-lose situation and can set you on a path to earning a lot more money in life. Read on to find out why.

Start right

39% of people surveyed didn’t negotiate their salary for their latest job offer. If this is the first job of your career negotiating a higher salary can earn you around $500,000 more in a lifetime. Consider this, if you are offered $50,000 and ask for $60,000 you will earn $10,000 extra until your next promotion. If you can always earn $10,000 higher than you were set to, that will be worth hundreds of thousands to you over a lifetime. 

It can’t hurt

Most people feel so grateful for getting offered a job that they don’t want to seem ungrateful by asking for more money. However as long as you approach your future employer in the right way, without being aggressive, then it doesn’t hurt to ask. Don’t give them an ultimatum, make sure there is an easy option to accept the job even if they don’t give you more money. Then you have nothing to lose by asking.

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It can make you look more confident and skilled

If you do your research and are able to present a convincing argument as to why you should get it then they will be impressed by you even more.

If you don’t ask, you are not playing the game

Your employer wants to pay you the lowest amount possible for you to do your job while remaining competitive with the market. Therefore, it is likely that they are offering slightly below what they could offer. If you ask no questions, they win, if you do ask they likely have a little more to give. So play the game and ask.

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