Why you should exercise in the water

by Harry Shelton
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The benefits of exercise can not be denied. If you exercise you will be fitter and healthier. As a result, you will then be happier and live longer. Everyone wants a happier healthier life. Yet is also true that far more people who exercise get injured than those who never exercise at all. This is not a negative attribute of exercise but a negative point against poor preparation and poor technique. To avoid an injury while exercising it is important to know what you are doing and to get the help of a trained professional if you do not. Another great way to exercise with a lower risk of injury is to use water-based exercise.

Exercising in water is a fantastic way to stay healthy with a much lower risk of injury. The most obvious exercise to perform in the water is swimming but there are many other exercises you can do from water jogging, water walking to full aerobic classes.

Swimming is an incredible exercise as it is a full-body routine and therefore works all of your muscles. It is great for your heart, for weight loss, and everything else. The best part of swimming though is that there is no impact. The majority of exercise-related injuries happen because of impact or loading too much weight. Swimming is a non-weight bearing, no-impact workout that works wonders.

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A 60 kg person who swims at a fast pace for one hour can burn 590 calories by swimming and would still burn over 400 if they swam at a slow pace. A 75kg person would burn over 700 calories if they swam for one hour at a fast pace and nearly 500 calories at a slow pace. Swimming is clearly a great way to burn off any excess calories you don’t want.

However water-based exercise other than swimming are becoming increasingly popular. Water jogging is an excellent training tool if you are getting over an injury. It takes away any excess stress from your hips, knees, and back. It is a fantastic tool to recover from injury without losing any fitness.

Water walking is also a fantastic cardio exercise. It is often used by people who are a little more on the elderly side as it tones the muscles, builds cardio, without stressing the body. A great exercise to start off slowly and as you get used to it start to increase the intensity and duration of the exercise.

Many pools now offer full aerobic classes in the gym. The benefits of these are the same as walking and running in the water but for the full body. As we get older our joints tighten and become weaker. If we don’t use them this will just get worse and worse, water-based exercises are a great way to keep your body performing to a high level.

If there are no aerobic classes offered in your pool there are a number of great exercises you can do yourself at the edge of the water. My favorite exercises are leg kicks and bicycle kicks. To complete this exercise simply hold the side of the pool and lie down on the water with your stomach facing the ceiling. Keep your legs straight, kick them in an alternating motion. Ensure you are stretching your hips while doing this. The second exercise is to cycle your legs by bending them one at a time. You can also do shoulder raises by standing in the gym and slowly raising your arms out of the water at a slow speed.

Exercising in the gym is a great way to fight against injury and get fitter no matter what age you are. If you are young, fit and healthy including a swim in your weekly routine is a great way to work smaller muscles and avoid injury from over-exercise. If you are older than water provides a fantastic way to continue to exercise into old age without the risk of stressing the body.

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