Why You Must Stop Dieting

by Romana Greene
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Dieting is tough and according to leading nutritionists, it is actually not good for you. Studies now show that obesity is better for you than radical dieting. While everyone should try and eat a healthy and balanced diet, crash dieting only results in negative changes to your body and negative reactions. Read on to find out how to do it right. 

If you are someone who sees an important event coming up like a wedding or presentation and decides to get on a diet and get in shape then be careful, you may be doing more harm than good. By removing certain food groups or by dramatically cutting calories you are sending your body into shock. It sees the huge difference taking place and panics and starts to store onto all that fat you are trying to lose. 

Then when you inevitably start to eat normally again you will put on more weight than you ever had. Thanks to the crash diet you have now ended up heavier than before with a body that has been treating shock. Dieting like this has also been strongly linked to mental health issues. People become depressed as they can’t eat what they want and are not seeing the results they want long term (it is normal to see positive results in the short term but they don’t last). This causes people to reach for their favorite unhealthy food and then feel terrible about themselves. The vicious cycle continues.

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Instead, make small and smart changes to your diet. Reduce some of the unhealthy things you consume, like soda. Look at the portions you eat per meal and try and reduce them by 10%. It will make a difference. When you do this you may feel a little hungrier in the beginning, try and snack healthy as you adjust to your slightly new approach to food.

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