What to Do When Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

by Harry Shelton
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A good job is defined by a good boss. The reality is usually that if you hate your job it is because you have a bad boss, and if you love your job it is often a great boss who makes it that way. If you feel like your boss has something against you then read on to find some tips.

In general, you shouldn’t feel the need to change who you are to please your boss, you should just leave. There is no need to put up with a bad boss unless you have to. If you have to, we are here to help.

Find out his/her interests

If your boss loves football, start showing an interest as well. Don’t be a kiss ass about it, but start to check who wins each weekend, pick a team to support and know a bit of the lingo. The next time the boss looks happy on a Monday, ask if his/her team won. Be careful because if this behavior comes across as desperate or false, your boss will only like your less. Take baby steps and don’t be in a rush to show off your new-found knowledge. Act like you always loved football and just never mentioned it.

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Find out why

Ask other coworkers if they think the boss doesn’t like you and if they know why. In a professional, mature, adult environment you should be able to have an honest chat with your boss about your feelings. If so, chat with the boss too. If not, then try to pick up on some of the things your boss is saying that may reveal why you are not liked.

If your boss comments on your dress, your punctuality, your work performance, etc take these as larger clues. If your boss simply clashes with your personality try and remain professional and focus on work.

Log your achievements

Most importantly if your boss doesn’t like you, start keeping a record of everything positive you do. If you feel you are due for a promotion soon make sure you have proof of why you deserve it. If then you don’t get the promotion you are able to produce a list of your achievements and ask who can compete with them and why they got the promotion ahead of you.

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