Three ways to earn money without working

by Phil Lowe
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If you are looking to make money without working you may think that winning the lottery or finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow are the only viable solutions but you are wrong. In a modern economy, there are many ways to make money without actually having to work. Read on to find out how you can start making money straight away.

Experimental trials

I know, I know, this sounds like the start of a horror movie where you turn into a zombie and murder people but it can make a lot of money and is relatively safe. Drug trials will pay a lot of money for you to sit in a bed all day and take a pill. If you fit a particular niche (obese/fit/over 30/under 30, etc)you may even earn more. You should thoroughly research what drug you are testing though as there may be some side effects. However, some are simply new forms of paracetamol and it may be the easiest money you ever make.

Survey work

Have you ever seen those annoying ads asking you to do online surveys for quick cash? They are a pretty poor return for your time. They can pay you 50cent per survey and only in voucher format so it can take a long time for you to even earn a ticket to the movies. However, in your local area, there is probably a company that does consumer testing. They usually pay cash, give you a free meal and just ask you questions about products. Too easy.

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Rent your stuff

In a modern digital economy, there are now platforms for you to make money off everything. Renting out your spare room has become pretty famous thanks to AirBnB but you can also rent out your car when not using it, your expensive clothes, even your husband (hiring a handyman pays well as some people have no one to fix broken things or move some heavy stuff around).

Start to think outside the box and try to earn money without working so hard. You may just find that pot of gold after all.

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