The Top Three College Majors to Earn Big

by Harry Shelton
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While in the past simply having a college degree was enough to guarantee you a job, it is not the case anymore. Today nearly everyone applying for a job (in certain fields of course) will have a university degree, it no longer makes you stand out. To stand out you now need to complete higher-level education and choose the area you major in very carefully. Read on to find out the best majors to give you the greatest chance at securing a job.

Actuarial Science tops the list for the highest-paid job available from a major. Someone with a job as an actuary is responsible for the measurement of risk and uncertainty. If you know the movie Along Came Polly then you know what we mean, if you don’t then it is a high-stress environment where the decisions you make can cost or make your company millions of dollars. It is a great movie too, give it a watch. 

Petroleum Engineering comes in a very close second. You are almost guaranteed a high paying job by following this career path. You will be flown to exotic locations and asked to work long hours with high stress but you will be rewarded with lengthy vacations and a high salary. The one thing they won’t tell you is that people will constantly ask if you hate the earth, so be prepared for that. 

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Molecular Biology is third on our list. A field that is in high demand for new graduates. It comes with high pay and job security. The rewards are high as you may cure the world of cancer and other diseases. The downsides are a very hard job and an ugly uniform.

There you have the top three majors to choose to guarantee a high paid career when you leave university. Don’t let this put you off your earlier choices though. If your passion is the arts then pursue it. The creative people of this world will also be highly rewarded as this era of technological advancement.

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