The three most important job skills for the future

by Harry Shelton
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As the era of artificial intelligence is upon us it is becoming clearer and clearer what skills will be required to grow our careers. While AI and technology will take care of the mundane tasks, people will be increasingly rewarded for their ability to be people. As technology continues to change the landscape of the working world at a rapid pace it can be tough to choose a career. Many high paid jobs today will become extinct in a few year’s time as they are able to be automated or are no longer required. At the same time, new jobs will be created. Read on to find out more. 

Emotional Intelligence

These new jobs will require people with a high degree of emotional intelligence. This means the ability to understand people, something that technology will likely struggle with. This means that there will be many customer-facing jobs available as although technology may be able to tell a customer is annoyed it will struggle with the different nuances that human emotion requires. It will also mean higher paid jobs for those who can understand the needs of their staff and help them move forward.


Technology will be able to recreate many of the things man is capable of today. One area that it will likely struggle in is creativity. This is something intrinsic to the human race. It may be that people become more rewarded for their creative side and that people start to support the arts far more in society. 

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Adaptability is the key component that will be required in the future. As technology continues to change the workplace it will also change the demands placed on the workforce. The ability to adapt will mean you are a prized asset above all others. As no matter what happens in the market you will be an employee that the company wants on their side. 

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