The Three Differences Between Self-Employed and Employed People

by Harry Shelton
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Working for a boss is a tough task. Making money for someone else and being handed a small paycheck at the end of the month can sometimes feel like a kick in the teeth. Yet why do so many of us continue to work for a business while others go out there and do it for themselves? What is the key difference between the self-employed and the employed? We investigated and found a number of reasons they differ.


Self-employed people generally don’t work out of necessity alone. They have a passion and they pursue it. This allows them to be hard on themselves, to be their own boss and to try and produce their best work. For those in normal employment, we often need a little push from a boss to get that presentation finished if it is not a passion project. 

They see learning as lifelong

For many, the last day of university is the end of education. This is increasingly being shown to be the wrong way to look at life. Things change so quickly that being open to a constant learning model improves your chances of profiting from the world around you. Self-employed individuals appear to be more tapped into this need.

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They aren’t risk-takers

Setting up your own business is a huge risk, yet many self-employed individuals don’t see themselves as risk-takers and actually say they are more cautious. They have a strong belief in what they are doing and don’t see it as a huge risk for that reason. Within that business, they act with caution and try to make smart moves.

Overall the study found that self-employed people have an attitude of making work, work for them. They don’t want to sacrifice their time to others and want to make things fit their schedule. They aren’t usually experts in one field but appear to be well-rounded business people who can tackle any problem. The key difference though, they took that first step that many of us will never do.

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