The Three College Majors to Avoid

by Harry Shelton
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Choosing a career is a tough prospect for anyone. You want to choose something that you are passionate about, good at, that there is significant demand for and hopefully that pays enough to make a living. Add to this that you are usually asked to make this decision when you are 18 years old and trying to choose a major at university and it is easy to see that the game isn’t exactly fair. To help you out a little we have highlighted the three worst majors to choose based on the potential salary you could earn.

In top spot (or worst spot) is elementary education. While you may love working with kids and want to inspire the future of tomorrow, you should steer clear of this one. Teaching small children is not well paid and there is already too much supply in the workforce, meaning you will not be in high demand. In these areas, it is difficult to stand out from the competition too so getting hired is often a game of chance, or knowing someone well. 

Library science is in second-last place. While the library was always a romantic job in the past; looking after books, helping people find the research they are after, this job is now not so pretty. The fact is that the internet has largely disrupted this area of the world. Fewer and fewer people are using libraries and it is not an area of growth for the future. 

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In the third last spot is secondary education. While some see teaching as their vocation in life they must then get ready for a life without a lot of money. Secondary education positions have a low starting wage and low career growth. Demand is high but supply is higher. 

We hope these three areas to avoid help you decided what to rule out in your choice of majors. Whatever you decide don’t worry too much as a college degree is now being seen as more of a foot in the door and less as defining your career for life. Enjoy your time at university and make the most of every moment.

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