The Number One Job For 2020

by Harry Shelton
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Glassdoor recently analyzed all the current professions on its website in terms of job satisfaction, salary and positions available. Their research led them to declare that front end engineer is the top job of 2020. Read on to find out why.

Front end engineers are responsible for coding a website or program that the end-user or customer works with when interacting with a company. If you have dealt with a company and loved how you navigated the website and got stuff done, you have a front end engineer to thank. This job ranked first for one outstanding reason, according to Glassdoor; competition. The competition taking place for the top front end developers is now incredibly high as the world’s largest companies all compete aggressively to win over the best and brightest.

It is not surprising to see that the top three jobs were all technology-related, with java developer and data scientist ranking second and third respectively.  Due to the incredible competition to attract these new recruits companies are going beyond money alone to attract and keep staff. Health insurance and day to day work experience are the main areas that companies are investing in to win people over. 
If you are considering a change of role but aren’t so tech-savvy. Do not fear. There are plenty of attractive jobs still available. One of the most attractive jobs without a relationship to technology is a speech-language pathologist. Although that will require investing in an appropriate qualification and some years to build experience. The highest-ranking job with a six-figure salary requiring no previous experience is a pharmacist. If none of these jobs are for you then you could still become more active on your TikTok account and try to become the next influencer (a job that did not feature on Glassdoor’s ranking).

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