The drone job market is set to explode

by Romana Greene
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Advancement in technology has caused many jobs to become obsolete. If we go back as far as the 1940s the introduction of automation in factories and the age of the internet has seen many people lose their jobs and entire job opportunities disappear. Yet innovation has also seen the introduction of many new jobs. Fifty years ago who would have known that a social media manager would be a job or that a data scientist would be the most in-demand occupation in the market today. The same change is happening now but at a faster rate. Advances in social, mobile, cloud, and big data have led to a range of technologies that will devastate the job market. Technologies like artificial intelligence augmented and virtual reality, the internet of things, robotics, and more will all cause drastic changes in the job market. Let’s take a look at one opportunity that is set to grow quickly in the coming years; drones.

If you enjoyed flying remote control planes or driving remote control cars when you were younger, you were likely told it was a waste of time. It turns out that drones may offer a wide range of employment opportunities in the future and if you are skilled enough could earn you a lot of money. There are a large number of job opportunities coming out of the job market.

Drone racing

If you are very skilled at flying a drone you could become a drone racer. Drone racing is a growing sport and there are now professionals who compete for large prizes. This area of the drone market is set to grow strongly and while you should not quit your job to become a drone flyer just yet, it is an area that you should keep an eye. If you are skilled enough you could become the equivalent to a Formula 1 driver today, except flying drones. 

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Drone flying

A very broad title but there will be a wide range of jobs that require drone flyers. They may be needed to survey land or to take aerial photography but most industries will have a need for drone surveyors of some description in the future. Reports have suggested that these industries may choose to train existing staff but for important or more difficult operations they may seek someone advanced in the field.

Performance drones

Drone displays and creative art relying on drones have been growing strongly too. Many opening ceremonies are incorporating drone technology and if you have a creative side they may look for your skills and artistic approach. This will be a very niche opportunity but lucrative for those involved.

Drone education

With the need for drones increasing and many people choosing to learn the skill, it makes sense that there will be growing jobs in drone education. Many people require a certificate in drone flying to be allowed to fly for their company and day or multi-day courses are already very popular. If you already have experience in teaching this could be a great market to sidestep into or use for secondary income.

Building, fixing, selling

As with any new technology, there will be lucrative opportunities in the areas of manufacturing and repairing. Drones tend to crash a lot so many people will want to repair their expensive machines rather than purchase new ones. If you are skilled with a screwdriver this may be a great area to look into. In addition, selling drones is likely to grow in popularity as well. While many technology stores have a small number of drones in stock at the moment there are very few specialty stores. This is likely to change.

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