Should you turn your hobby into your livelihood?

by Harry Shelton
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They say if you do what you love for a job then you will never work a day in your life. Others say that you should never make your hobby your job or you will soon hate it. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. It is true that if you love writing, for example, (as I do) and you make it your full-time job (as it is for me) there are still some days when the thought of writing bothers you. You will grow tired of your passion if you do it for eight hours a day every day. However, you will likely not grow to hate it. You may need to take a break to rekindle your love affair with it, but during that time you will probably not want to do it straight after work either. 

The best option is to have a main job that is something that you enjoy but not necessarily your passion. It should be something that you don’t hate the idea of doing and that it is not a struggle to go to work every day. At the same time, you should check if there is a way to make money from your favorite hobby. This would mean that you can do more of the hobby you love, make money from it, and never lose interest in it. After some time if your hobby is more and more in demand you could consider moving it to your full-time job.

There are countless hobbies that are easy to make money from. Let’s take a look at some here:

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  • Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports are an active way to be outside. This means you are getting plenty of exercises, fresh air, and pushing yourself in new and interesting areas. If you play or do an outdoor sport then you may be very good at it. The better you are the more likely you are suited to be a teacher of it. Depending on the sport you can likely pick up some easy hours in the evenings or weekends to teach the sport to others. I am an avid kitesurfer and have been trained in kitesurfing instructing for years now. I used it for some extra money on the weekends initially but soon realized I could use this job to travel to some beautiful locations around the world.

  • Crafts

If you are not the sporty type but love to use your hands you may be gifted in the art world. Crafts is a really broad topic and you would be surprised how easy it is to make money from it. You can make some jewelry, kitchenware, or art and sell it online with ease. Sites like Etsy are great for selling whatever you produce and people are always looking for something new to try.

  • Pets

If you love pets but aren’t able to own one, then there is a great job out there for you. You could work as a dog sitter or dog walker (other pets of course too) whenever you have time. These jobs don’t pay that great but they often come with excellent perks. The main perk is getting to hang out with an incredible dog but sometimes you get to stay in an expensive apartment or house for weeks on end. 

With the current economic environment, many people are looking for additional ways to make money. Finding a way to make a little extra income from your hobby is one amazing way to get some extra cash and have a great time too. Just make sure you don’t spend too much time on the financial side and allow your passion to burn out by mistake.

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