How to win in a new job environment

by Harry Shelton
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Starting a new job is both exciting and scary. You worked hard in the interview and maybe oversold your abilities a little too much. As you enter your first day of work a small amount of fear develops in your stomach as you think you may be found out and fired on day one. Relax. This doesn’t happen and no matter how much a person oversold or undersold themselves in an interview we all approach that first day with the fear of failure. The company has hired you to do something and you are understandably afraid that you will not be able to do it. Here are our tips on how to succeed when you start a new job.

Accept the fear

A lot of people will tell you not to be afraid. However, telling people not to be afraid is about as useful as telling a sheep not to bahhhh. Your fear is a rational response and most people experience it. However, if you accept that fear and tell yourself that it is a common feeling to go through in the early stages and that it doesn’t mean you are underqualified then you will feel a lot better about it. Acknowledge that fear and move on.

Make a good first impression

Many people say that the first impression you make is the one that lasts. If you work hard in your first few months your manager will always perceive you as a hard worker. If you don’t then that is how they will perceive you as well. Try to give that extra 10% for the first three months so that they say you are delivering on all those promises you made during the interview of being a hard worker and dedicated to the cause.

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Don’t set up the wrong expectations

While you should give that little extra in the first weeks it is important not to give too much. If you stay late every day then it will become expected of you and your manager will not think about asking you to stay late in the future. With that in mind, you want to make sure you are seen as a hard worker without being seen as a pushover.

Make friends

In your first few weeks ask a colleague out for lunch every other day. If this feels strange you can even announce it in the team meeting as something you will do to get to know people, that way they won’t be surprised. This is a great way to get to know people a little better and can make that new role seem less daunting.

Be honest or use Google

If you can encounter something that you can’t do, that you are expected to be able to do, jump on Google. Try and quickly find out how to do it and if that doesn’t work, just be honest. You have the job now and it is expected that you will have to be taught new systems and other things. What is basic to one person could be a never-before-seen program to another, so don’t worry about it.

Review your progress

After three months ask your manager for a review of your progress. They will probably be polite and tell you that you are doing great but push further and asks for ways you can do better. This will be seen as a real positive and if you take their advice everything might get easier from then on.

Most of all try and enjoy it. Your job is where you spend the majority of your waking hours so you must ensure that you enjoy it. If it really isn’t working on that try to look for something else and never feel trapped where you are.

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