How Coding Boot Camps are Saving the Workforce

by Harry Shelton
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Technology is having a significant impact on the future of employment. Many of the jobs that exist today will not exist in the future as they become automated. However many new jobs will be created. One area of substantial growth is in coding. Jobs requiring coding expertise are set to explode this decade. While coding is now being taught in schools across the country there are also coding boot camps for those who are interested in learning a new skill without returning to school.

In the age of technological disruption, many questions are being asked. If we take it as a given that jobs will disappear and new jobs will be created, it still leaves one large issue, the skills gap. Can we really expect the truck drivers of today to be able to code the software of tomorrow? The answer is quite simple; not without training.

With this in mind, coding boot camps have been set up in many countries to give crash course intensive coding classes to bring people up to speed on how to code in a manner of months. The camps are being well received. While many are young people looking to enhance their coding skills, there is a great deal in the older age bracket that are looking to reskill.

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In the US and Canada alone there are almost 25,000 students currently in coding boot camps. 10% of these students are aged over 40. Coding camps often cost less than the incredible fees associated with tertiary education and can give anyone an edge in applying for a job. True coding skills are still hard to find and having some knowledge of coding can make you stand out amongst other candidates.

While technology will produce numerous jobs and coding will be a key skill requirement, it won’t be the only one. If coding is not for you then there are many other jobs that will come to the fore. Can you imagine the job of ‘a social media manager’ forty years ago?

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