Four things that cost less today than 10 years ago

by Phil Lowe
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Sometimes it just seems like the world is getting more expensive. In the past, if you wanted to treat yourself to a nice meal or even a small snack it didn’t hurt your wallet but today it feels like if you buy a burger you can forget about saving any extra money that week. Not everything has increased in price though, some things are actually cheaper now than compared to ten years ago. Read on to find out.


While TVs still cost a lot of money the cost per square inch has gone down dramatically. If you think of your TV ten years ago it was likely a 32 inch or maybe a little bigger. Today most people, even those without a lot of spare cash, can afford a larger television.


It used to cost a lot of money for classified ads, now it is cheaper than ever to sell things on websites like Facebook Marketplace, Amazin or Etsy. Selling stuff has never been easier.

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Home delivery

Shipping used to cost an arm and a leg before. Today shipping is often free or a very low cost. While it can still be expensive to get something by the next day overall it is now much cheaper. Advances in technology mean it will only get better too. Soon drones will be flying our packages home for nothing. Good news for us, bad news for the postman.

Long-distance calls

Every week there used to be a news story about a young child or senile old person who accidentally called Timbuktu and now had to sell their house to pay the bill. Today long distance call pricing has reduced dramatically and you can now usually get some minutes to cover it or just do it for free on Skype or an alternative solution. Staying in touch with loved ones who are far away certainly costs less than before.

There you have it, the world is not all inflation and misery. There are some things that we are really getting a good bargain for, so go out there and enjoy it.

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