Four careers you didn’t know existed

by Harry Shelton
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When it comes to choosing a career it can be very difficult. To get a job is hard but to know what job you actually want can be a real challenge too. If going to your guidance counselor in school felt like he was working off a sheet of the top five most common jobs then you have come to the right place. Did your guidance counselor tell you to be an engineer or a teacher? If those aren’t the right fit for you, read on. Here we have our four favorite jobs that you never knew existed.

Operations Research Analyst

Sounds fancy, and comes with a fancy pay but it basically means the problem solver in a business. If the company wants to improve efficiency in the logistics department it becomes your area to research and solve. It is not an easy job but very rewarding. You will need a degree to get a job like this but in any related field. 

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

This is one that won’t need a degree but will require some training first. You can likely learn on the job. It has a good income level but the reason we highlight this job is that it is set to grow rapidly in the next few years as solar takes off. 

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This is a pretty unique job as it is your position to take blood samples and send them for analysis. It is not one for those who faint at the sight of blood but has good career options otherwise.


Would you like to explore the world and make maps of undiscovered lands? Well bad news, that has pretty much been done for a few hundred years. But there are still some great cartography jobs available. Geographic Information System technology is now utilized for digital mapping and there are some great options to take your career in many directions after. It is also a low-stress job so is good for someone wants a life as well as a job.

These are just four of our favorite jobs that people don’t know are out there and are actively hiring today. If you are finding it tough to choose your next career, start talking to people, find out what strange and wild jobs exist out there.

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