Four careers that didn’t exist ten years ago and are thriving today

by Harry Shelton
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As the world is increasingly impacted by technology there are many jobs that we do today that will be taken over in the future by computers. While technology broke down the barriers of the taxi service and let everyone be uber drivers it will also likely remove the need for drivers at all in the future as cars become increasingly driverless. Yet while technology is taking jobs away it is also creating many new jobs. Here are four jobs that didn’t exist in 2010 that are growing strongly today.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

The fastest-growing job today according to Linkedin is an AI expert. There has been an annual growth of 74% in demand in the past five years. It requires expertise in machine learning, natural language processing and more but if you have any coding skills then this is an area worth looking into.

Robotics Engineers

It is unsurprising that many new jobs have emerged in the area of engineering. One that is growing at 40% per annum is a robotics engineer. If robots are something that you always wanted to play with as a kid then maybe you could land your dream job.

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Data Scientist

Probably the most famous job that never existed before, the world needs data scientists. As technology grows and grows we are creating more data. Someone needs to be able to take raw unintelligent data and turn it into meaningful outcomes for a company. If you like computers and are good with numbers, get stuck in.

Customer Success Specialist

It is not all about technology. Softer skills are growing in importance too. If you are good with people and know what they want you could be the ideal customer success guru. The job is growing at 34% per year and requires expertise in account management and SaaS.

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