A month off alcohol can change your life

by Romana Greene
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Alcohol is a tricky subject. It is something that everyone knows is bad for them and yet most people continue to drink it. People condemn smoking for the obvious negative impact it has on your health while continuing to drink. Smoking has proven to cause cancer and is terrible, agreed, but alcohol has proven to do so much damage to people’s lives that it is strange how socially accepted it still is. However, today there is a clear movement starting to grow with a focus on taking a month off alcohol every year. In this article, I will tell you some of the reasons that taking that month off can do incredible things for you, but you already know it will. So why not take a month off?

Many will argue that it is because they don’t want to. Because they enjoy alcohol, because they would miss it, or because they don’t have a problem and don’t drink that much already. If you enjoy alcohol that is great, it can be a part of some of the best moments in our lives but don’t let it control you. If you are at a stage where you don’t want to stop for a single month, ask if you are really able to do so? Perhaps you are addicted and don’t even realize. If you don’t want to quit because you are only a moderate drinker already, then taking a month off should be easy, do it, see if there are any benefits. I bet there still will be.

The idea of Dry January, Dry July, and Sober October have grown strongly in recent years. Those that do follow this path have reported serious positive results. When you read the list of benefits it makes you wonder why everyone doesn’t do this every year. In a study of people who gave up drink for a month 88% saved money, 71% realized they don’t need a drink to have fun, 70% had improved health, 67% had increased energy and 57% had better concentration.

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Stopping drinking for one month clearly impacts so many parts of your life. Your health will improve. You will get to live longer, spend more time with your family, be healthier for longer if you just stop drinking for one month every year. You will gain more self-confidence. Many people drink because it allows them to be confident in social situations but it is a crutch that you don’t need. If you try and go without alcohol you will see how powerful it makes you. While everyone else needs alcohol to be themselves you can be yourself all the time.

People reported higher levels of energy and concentration. This means you will do better in all aspects of life because alcohol is no longer in the way. Alcohol is an obstacle to you being the best version of yourself. If none of these ideas convince you then surely the fact that you will save money does. Alcohol is really expensive and in a month alone you can make incredible savings.

Whether you decided to stop drinking for one month or longer is up to you. Many people enjoy a drink as part of their life and that is ok, in moderation. A month off every year gives your body a break and allows you to evaluate yourself and your relationship with a drink every so often. 

Many leading psychologists and scientists predict that future generations will look at alcohol as we do cigarettes now. Alcohol is actually a poison that we are voluntarily putting in our bodies. Taking a little break from it can only mean good things for you and your family.

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