5 Key Tips to a Successful Work-Life Balance

by Harry Shelton
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It is vital to have a good work-life balance. Too many people spend every waking hour at work every day. At the end of it all, they are filled with regret. While it is great to be ambitious and strive to achieve your work goals, you must spend some on you and your loved ones outside of work. Here are some tips to make that happen.

The right job

Choose an employer that understands the importance of life outside of work. If your boss expects you to stay until 11 every night, this job is not healthy. While a job like this is possible for a couple of years if it sets your career on the right trajectory, ensure you have an exit strategy. 

The right team

Be good to your colleagues and they will be good to you. Start to do them favors whenever you can. Someday they will return the favor when you need it most. Try not to look at your colleagues as the competition but as members of your team, all striving for the same goal.

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Find a hobby

If you join a team or find a hobby and set time aside for it every week then you will be forced to do it. Block that time out in your calendar and everyone will know that time is off-limits

One on One time

Whether you are dating, are married, have children or are single; it is important to spend time with those important people in your life. Try and spend some one on one time with anyone in your life who matters. While it may be easier to meet everyone at once that time is less meaningful in forming bonds.

Ask for help

Most importantly, if you are drowning in the duties of work and life, ask for help. Talk to your boss or partner and be honest. Maybe it means stepping back from a project but that is not the end of the world. Learn to say no and don’t take on too much in any facet of life.

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